MMS + HCl 4% (activator) 30 ml Dropper Ph.Eu. Jim Humble’s formula

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MMS with activator ready to easy drink (water) from Netherland. First on the Europe market!

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New supply!

30 ml WPS:  28% NaCl02
30 ml Activator: 4% HCl

Convenient dropper you measure the exact amount of drops. You can pour too much from the big bottle 100 ml or 250ml and then MMS is wasted and you risk vomiting.

The product was created on the basis of consultations with the MMS popularizer Jim Humble, author of the best-selling book on MMS

Use before: December 2023 (12.2023)

How to use: We will attach the application protocols to the package
Country of origin: The Netherlands


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