DMSO 70% Spray 100 ml Ph.Eu dr Hartmut Fisher’s Formula

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DMSO ready to easy use on skin from Netherland. First on the Europe market!

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New supply!

70 ml DMSO: 99,9% Ph.Eu dimethyl sulfoxide
30 ml NaCl 0,9% (highest sterility and cleanliness)

DMSO 70% in dark glass bottle with atomizer ready to be sprayed on the skin, high quality Ph. Eu. 

An atomizer 4 times more efficient than rubbing liquid DMSO.

The product was created on the basis of consultations with the DMSO popularizer by the german doctor dr Hartmut Fischer, author of the best-selling book on DMSO.

Use before: December 2023 (12.2023)

How to use: We will attach the application protocols to the package
Country of origin: The Netherlands


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